Will I benefit from BFHC if I don’t require frequent medical attention?

I’m Pretty Healthy. Should I Become a Member Still?

We believe that everyone would benefit from a service that is tailored directly to them. That’s why we offer truly custom healthcare to our patients. Our practice is devoted to the maintenance of your good health, but we are always here for you when you’re not feeling so well. Along with maintenance, one of the best aspects of a Direct Primary Care clinic is the opportunity for prevention. Our goal is to prevent disease rather than react to disease. Screenings and prevention are key components to long and healthy lives.


What This Looks Like Longterm:

Every visit, for whatever reason, will be easy-going yet absolutely thorough. You can feel relaxed while we answer all of your questions and address your specific need of the moment. Then, as the months and years go by, we’ll build a comprehensive, intimate knowledge of your health, invaluable understanding available in no other regimen of care. Instead of bouncing around from doctor to doctor and getting the “basic care” that everyone gets, you will receive personalized care that is based on your health history and is uniquely structured to your needs.


When Should I Start My Membership?

We encourage everyone who is interested in Direct Primary Care to contact us. In order to give each patient the care they deserve, we’ve scaled back our practice to allow for the time necessary to treat everyone thoroughly.With this in mind, our capacity is less than it was before and you will want to reach out and start the process!