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Easing the pain of routine appointments with
personalized care at a comfortable cost.

What is direct primary care?

We’re getting “back to good health” by keeping our focus on you and your well-being, rather than the ever increasing administrative tasks that detract from the time we can spend with you. 

We believe this will allow us to care for you and your family in the way that you want. In place of billing insurance, Direct Primary Care will involve an affordable monthly membership fee that covers the services listed below. By eliminating the middleman, we are able to keep costs low and use our time to do what we are trained to do – help you maintain your health.


Is Direct Primary Care insurance?

No, we recommend that you keep your current insurance plan. If you can switch to a PPO plan, this often works better with Direct Primary Care.

Membership Includes

Office visits and any minor procedures

Such as: dipstick urinalysis, fingerstick glucose, stool test for blood, urine pregnancy test, rapid flu test, rapid strep test, breathing treatment, EKG, ear wax removal

an annual physical and screening labs

Includes a complete metabolic panel, complete blood cell count, cholesterol panel, HbA1C (diabetes screen) Note: For patients 18 and older

Pap smears (excludes the lab fee)

Skin biopsies (excludes the lab fee)

Joint injections

 Note: Other injections – medications included (except for Vivitrol and all vaccinations, the cost of which is the patient’s responsibility)

Pulmonary function test (breathing assessment test)

Tuberculosis screening test (PPD)

Stitches for cuts / wound care

One page forms, such as work excuses

IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE:  Other blood and lab tests (not including the screening lab tests above, which are covered) and in-office urine drug screens are available at a deeply discounted price.

Why Direct Primary Care?

Have you ever put off addressing an important medical problem to save money? Have you ever had trouble getting an urgent appointment with your physician? Would you prefer to access your physician through text / email for simple issues instead of your physician encouraging you to make a visit?

Membership Benefits

Easier Access

Generally, same day or next day appointments will be available. More frequent out of office communication will also be available, if needed.

Longer appointments

We want to address your care in an integrated, comprehensive manner; not in an only 1 problem addressed, 10 minute long visit.

Cost efficient

Only one monthly payment for covered services including free annual physical / screening lab tests for adults and inexpensive lab tests at our office.

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If you are interested in our Direct Primary Care program please follow the three simple steps below.
*This program is not for patients with Medicare.

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Initial Appointment

We’ll invite you to an initial appointment where we can help walk you through the program and answer any questions.


We’ll enroll you into our program and begin helping you with your healthcare needs.

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